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Tim's Business Mission
Tim has a simple driving business purpose - To help organizations increase their sales and improve their management focus, direction and effectiveness.

Tim's Background

Career Highlights

Full time speaker & trainer since 1973

Member of NSA since 1978
Earned NSA CSP designation in 1990
The Author of over 80 books
Spoken in twenty-one foreign countries
Over 4500 presentations since 1965
85% repeat business
The author of the best selling books, Soft Sell, 91 Mistakes Smart Salespeople Make, The Ancient Scrolls, Your First Year In Sales and Life is Short

Tim Delivers
Practical Content, not Fluff
Reality, not Fantasy
Ideas for Change
Passionate Delivery
Custom Tailored Presentations
Thought Provoking Ideas
Entertainment and Fun Environment
Tremendous Take Home Value

Why Select Tim Connor For Your Next Meeting?

Tim Connor, CSP, can help make your next meeting "the one they will talk about for years."

When you select Tim you hire a pro.
Tim earned his CSP in 1990. The designation has been earned by only 450 other speakers in the country. He is a high energy, high content, high value speaker and trainer. Tim is comfortable in the boardroom and the shop floor, the classroom or the auditorium.

When you select Tim your attendees will thank you.
Every presentation Tim delivers is custom tailored after extensive client and industry research.

When you select Tim for your next meeting you hire experience.
85% of his presentations are repeat engagements for the same clients. He is constantly asked back to deliver fresh new ideas.

Tim's Most Popular Keynote Addresses and seminars:

Customer Focused Selling: This presentation focuses on contemporary, practical, proved and effective concepts and ideas that when applied can have a dramatic impact on sales performance and results. It discusses 12 strategies for greater sales success plus numerous other practical and contemporary sales strategies and approaches.

How to Support, Not Sabotage Employee Performance: This presentation shows how management style, corporate personality and personal agendas often get in the way of employee and organization productivity and positive results. It shares 14 key concepts on how to modify management style to improve morale, communication, direction, results and profits.

The Keys to Positive Relationships: This presentation shares how to build and maintain positive relationships whether in the boardroom or the bedroom. It shares over 25 strategies for success in relationships. This presentation can appropriate for employees, managers, salespeople, spouses, and anyone who has a relationship with someone.

Why Can't You Hear What I Can't Say: Communication is the glue that holds together all relationships whether business or personal. This presentation focuses on the ingredients necessary for successful communication.

Overcoming Corporate Disconnect:
Every organization suffers from Corporate Disconnect.  It is the number ONE cause of lost business and poor and unstable and unprofitable growth.  This program focuses on the symptoms, causes and cures of this deadly corporate malaise. 

So You Don't Like Change:
Everything is changing today-the way we buy, sell, manage, communicate, travel and much more. Change represents uncertainty and people react in a variety of ways from procrastination and sabotage to acceptance and consent. This program shows individuals how to embrace change rather than hide from it.

How to Live Longer In a Stressful World: Change, diversity, uncertainty, career shifts, family obligations, technology advances. All these and more are adding to the already stressful environment for most people. This presentation does not re-hash exciting statistics, theoretical mumbo jumbo or scientific studies. It shares an insightful look at how to live longer and be more effective in a stressful world.

These topics can be either a Keynote Address or a Seminar/Workshop presentation from 2-8 hours or the basis for a long-term custom in-house employee development program.