Tim Connor
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Since 1965 Tim Connor has given over 4500 presentations in a number of industries to a wide variety of clients in 23 countries. His clients include companies that have sales from 1 million to 60 billion dollars. Tim's programs for these clients include information on sales, management, customer service, motivation and productivity and building positive business and personal relationships. The programs he has delivered include keynote speeches, seminars and on-going custom in-house training programs. Over 85% of his engagements are repeat programs for the same clients.

This list below outlines some of our satisfied clients.

CLIENT                                            INDUSTRY                    PROGRAM
*A&E & The History Channel    Broadcast TV    Seminars
AAMES Home Loan    Financial    Seminar
*Ablest Service Corp    Temporary Staffing    Sales Seminars
*Accuride    Manufacturing    Custom In-Co. Prg.
*Acton Mobile Ind.    Building Industry    Management Seminars
AEC Group    Manufacturing    Management Seminar
Aetna/US Healthcare    Healthcare    Seminar
*All American Homes    Housing    Keynote & Seminars
*Allstate Insurance    Insurance    Keynote
*Alpine Ind.    Housing    Sales Seminars
*Alta Log Homes    Housing    Seminars
*American Insurance (Kuala Lumpur Malaysia)    Insurance    Seminars
*American Management Assn.    Association    Seminars
*American Management Assn. ( Argentina)    Association    Seminars
Ameritech    Communication    Seminar
*AMTDA    Association    Management Seminar
AOPA    Association    Management Seminar
APMW    Association    Keynote
*Arthur Murray, Int'l    Franchise    Seminars
Assn. of Area Business Pub.  Media    Seminar
*ASTD    Training    Seminars
*AT Cross    Manufacturing    Sales Seminars
*Automated Building Components    Building    Custom In-Co. Prg.
*Barden Homes    Housing    Sales & Mgt seminars
Battery Council    Manufacturing    Keynote
*BCMC    Association    Seminars
*Beauticontrol Cosmetics    Direct Sales    Seminars
*Bloedorn Lumber    Housing    Management Seminar
*Blue Cross Blue Shield    Healthcare    Management Seminars
Blue Seal Feeds    Food Industry    Sales Semianr
*Bombardier Areospace    Manufacturing    Sales Seminars
*Brady Distributing    Entertainment    Custom In-Co. Sales & Mgt
Braintree Labs.    Healthcare    Sales Seminar
*Briggs    Distributor     Distributor    Sales Seminar
*Bryant Rubber    Manufacturing    Seminars
*CableExpress    Computers    Custom In-House Prg.
Caldwell Banker    Real Estate    Keynote
Camera World (Sidney, Australia)    Retailer    Seminar
*Cardinal Homes    Housing    Seminars
Carolina Building Solutions    Building    Keynote address
*Carolina Model Homes    Housing    Sales Seminars
*Carpet One    Retailer    Keynote
Cascade Industries    Housing    Sales Seminars
Cattron    Manufacturing    Sales Seminar
*Celebrity Cruises    Hospitality    Seminars
*Centex Homes    Housing    Custom In-Co. Prg.
Century 21    Real Estate    Keynote
*CEO Clubs    Business    Leadership Keynotes
Cermanic Tile Dealer Assn.    Association    Keynote
CETCO    Energy    Seminar
*Chicago Tribune    Media    Seminars
*Chubb Institute    Computer Training    Sales Seminars
*Clemson University    College    Seminars
*Clipper Magazine    Media    Sales Seminars
*Coast to Coast    Hospitality    Seminars
Comprehensive Acct.    Franchise    Consulting
Comsat Int'l    Communication    Seminars
*ConAgra    Congomerate    Seminars
*Club Managers Assn. of America    Association - Hospitality Sales & Management Seminars
*Creative Solutions    Finance    Sales seminars
*Crystaal    Healthcare    Seminars
*Crystal Cruises    Hospitality    Relationship Seminars
DeAngelo Brothers    Environmental Mgt.    Seminar
*Discovery Toys    Direct Sales    Seminars
*Dolce International    Hospitality    Keynote/Seminar
*Dow Chemical    Manufacturing    Sales Seminars
*Duke Power    Utilities    Management Seminar
*Edlong Flavors    Food Industry    Seminars
*Edwards Bros.    Printer    Seminars
EEAMD    Association    Keynote
Estonia Bank    Estonia    Management Seminar
Evergreen Molding    Manufacturing    Sales Seminar
*Express Personnel    Staffing    Sales Seminars
*Fairmont Homes    Housing    Seminars
*First Choice    Hospitality    Management Seminar
Fleishman Hillard    Communications    Consulting
Freddie Mac    Mortgage Co.    Seminar
Freedom Scientific    Healthcare    Sales & Motivation Seminars
*Garland Floor    Manufacturing    Seminars
*General Medical    Distributor    Seminars
*George Hyman Construction    Construction    Seminars
*Glaize Components    Housing    Seminars
*Gleanor Life Insurance    Insurance    Seminars
*GradCity.com    Hospitality    Sales Keynote & Seminars
*HandCrafted Homes    Housing    Custom In Co. Prg. Retreat Facilitation
Hart & Cooley    Manufacturing    Seminars
headhunter.net    Technology    Seminar
*Hearthstone Homes    Builder    Seminars
*Heritage Log Homes    Builder    Custom In-Co. Prg.
*Hiawatha Log Homes    Building    Custom In-Co. Prg.
*HIDA    Association    Seminars
*Hill Top Research    Testing    Management Seminars
Ho Jo Inn's    Hospitality    Seminars
*Home Buyers Waranty    Home Building    Seminars
ICI Acrylics    Manufacturing    Seminars
IDine    Hospitality    Seminar
*Industrial Container Services    Manufacturer    Sales Seminars
*Instant Home Equity    Building Industry    Custom In-House Prg.
*Interbake    Food    Customer service Sem.
Iowa Paint    Manufacturing    Keynote
ITT    Communication    Keynote
*IVIS    Technology    Mgt Seminars
*John Robert Powers    Personal Services    Sales & Mgt Seminars
*Kay Jewlers    Retail    Sales & Mgt. Seminars
King Career Consulting    Employment    Sales Seminar
*Kol Bio Medical    Medical    Seminars
*Kol Bio Medical    Distributor    Custom In-Co. Prg.
*Kuhns Brothers Log Homes    Housing    Sales Seminars
L & M Radiator    Manufacturer    Seminars
*Lincoln Logs    Builder    Seminars
*Long Fence    Manufacturer    Seminars
*Lyman Lumber    Building    Seminars
*Management Search    Staffing    Sales Seminars
*Maplehurst Bakeries    Food    Seminars
Mass Mutual Life    Insurance    Seminar
*McNaughton & Gunn    Printer    Mgt. Seminars
Meeting Planners Int'l.    Association    Keynote
*Merit Entertainment    Hospitality    Custom In-House Prg.
*Merry Maids    Service    Seminars
*Mid America Ceder    Housing    Seminars
*Mitchells Formal Wear    Retailer    Sales Seminars
*National Ass. Home Builders    Association    Numerous Seminars - Sales & Management
*Nationwide Homes    Housing    Keynote
*Newcomb Spring    Manufacturing    Seminars
*Niblock Homes    Housing    Seminars
*Norse Dairy Systems    Food Industry    Seminars
*Northern Inititives    Financial    Sales & Mgt. Seminars
*Penn Lyon Homes    Builder    Custom In Co. Prg.
*Precision Craft    Housing    Seminars
*President Homes    Housing    Custom In Co. Prg.
*Princess House    Direct Sales    Seminars
Pro Chem    Franchise    Seminars
R.R. Donnelly    Printer    Keynote
*Randolf Medical    Health Care    Seminars
Real Log Homes    Building    Sales Seminar
*Rehab Institute    Health Care    Seminars & Retreat Facilitation
Rotary Intl.    Civic  Over 300 Presentations - Nationwide
Republic Bank    Banking      Seminar
*Rewards Network    Hospitality    Sales Seminars
Sales Institute Of Ireland    Association    Keynote & Seminar
Schulte Storage    Construction    Sales Seminar
*Service Master    Services    Seminar
*Shelter Systems    Housing    In-Co. Program
*Siemens Power    Manufacturing    Seminars
Signet Bank    Bank    Keynote
*SITA    Airport Mgt.    Seminar
*Six Flags Theme Parks    Hospitality    Sales Seminar
*SMC South    Manufacturing    Sales Seminars
SME, New York    Association    Keynote
*SCORE    Government    Sales and Mangement Seminars
*SMI    Association    Management Seminar
Smith Barney    Brokerage    Keynote
SMPS    Association    Seminars
Southern Life Systems    Medical    Seminars
Southwestern Bell    Communications    Seminar
*Snap-on Tools    Manufacturer    Seminars
Springer Verlag    Publisher    Seminars
Sprint    Communications    Sales Seminar
*Stahls    Manufacturer    In-Co. Program
*Standards Labs    Environment Testings    Seminars
Stratford Homes    Builder    Seminar
*Strohl Systems    Technology    Sales Seminar
*Taylor Wharton    Manufacturing    Sales Seminar
*TEC Service    Service Seminars
*Techmark    Technology    Seminar
Technology Builders    Communication    Keynote
*Testing Services Corp.    Environmental Testing    Seminars
*The DeMattia Group    Construction    In-Co. Program
*The Leadership Company Singapore    Management Seminar
*The Pricing Advisor    Association    Keynote
*The Selmer Co.    Manufacturing    Sales Seminar
*Timberpeg Homes    Home Building    Seminar
Tn. Assn. Heating & Cooling    Construction    Sales Seminar
*Today's Temporary    Staffing    Keynote
*TRW    Manufacturer    Seminar
*Unibilt Homes    Housing    Seminars
*Uniglobe Travel    Hospitality    Keynote
*UniSys    Communication    In-Co. Program
United Building Centers (UBC)    Homebuilding    Seminar
*United Horticultural Supply    Agriculture    Seminar
Upjohn Co.    Manufacturer    Consulting
*Visa International    Finance    Consulting
*Vita Plus    Food Industry    Seminar
Western Mail (Perth, Australia)    Newspaper    Seminar
Westhall    Retailer    Seminar
WNEP TV    Broadcast TV    Seminar
*Yorktowne Cabinets    Housing/Constuction    In-Co Program
* Repeat engagement for these clients