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                       Coaching Programs

It's a proven fact: having a personal/career coach can:

-Improve your performance
-Save you time and resources
-Help you identify personal weaknesses
-Accelerate your career
-Help you learn new skills faster
-Improve your lifestyle
-Sharpen you existing skills
-Increase your income and net worth
-Improve your effectiveness
-Help you make better decisions

The list goes on and on...

For over 35 years I have been coaching salespeople, managers, executives and business owners to help them achieve exceptional results in a short period of time. If you feel that a coach can help you sell more, manage better or generally improve some area of your career or life then you are coachable. However, if you feel you are as good as you can be and are close-minded about honest feedback and counseling then you just may be right!

For personal coaching to be effective you must be willing to...

- Be held accountable
- Accept new ideas and approaches
- Change behaviors
- Get in touch with your real intentions
- Spend 5-6 hours per month working on your goals, plans and actions
- Spend 1-2 hours per month on the phone with me.

Each year I accept a limited number of coaching assignments. If you would like to discuss how a coaching relationship would benefit you please give me a call.

Can a personal coach accelerate you’re your career progress?Everyone who has ever achieved greatness had help - outside and non-partial guidance to help them break through barriers, resistance and factors in their history that could be sabotaging their future success and see opportunities with a clear vision, courage and passion.

Here are the 13 primary contributors to circumstances that cause us to feel out of control, stressed or uncertain that can get in their way as they travel down their career path.

1)Resistance to change.

2)A feeling of being stuck or a victim mindset.

3)An unwillingness to re-invent yourself or your business.

4)A lack of a creative or innovative life outlook.

5)Letting the past determine your future.

6)A lack of an effective, practical, workable and accountable plan, actions, goals and strategies.

7)The temporary or permanent loss of passion, self-belief or confidence.

8)Indecision – a wait and see attitude. An inaction approach to uncertain circumstances.

9)Feeling dominated by fear or a lack of self-trust.

10)Emotionally or mentally closed to outside-in viewpoints, answers or methods.

11)Personal blind spots often caused by ego dominance.

12)A sense of entitlement – the world owes you.

13)Inconsistent integration, application, action and follow-through.

Any of the above resonate with you as you live and work from day to day?

There is a simple and an effective solution to all of the above – A “Throw away the box” coaching process.

“Circumstances do not determine who a person is, they reveal who the person is.”  Holmes

“If you think the cost of education is expensive, try the cost of ignorance.”  Bok

Do you need to reinvent yourself or reignite your career, your dreams, your business or yourself?

Are you struggling with the uncertainty of your life, career or business circumstances?

Do you need a motivational ‘shot in the arm’ to overcome your current life challenges?

Are you feeling stressed about your current circumstances and what could be next for you?

Do you need to cultivate and develop new skills attitudes or behaviors?

Are you able to take back control of your life on your own or is it time for some outside expert guidance

and a personal development process that will re-charge your confidence, optimism and your passion?

Each of us at different times in life, struggles with uncertainty, discouragement or the fear of the unknown.  No one is immune to life’s problems, adversities and trials.  There are only two ways to go through anything in your life that is causing you fear, discouragement or uncertainty:

One. Struggle, whine, complain, feel like a victim or stuck or just out of control therefore turning your life, your happiness, your success and your future over to others or external conditions that seem uncertain.

Two. Hire a personal coach, mentor, guide, counselor or advisor who can help you stay focused, inspired and motivated giving you new insights, approaches and helping you eliminate your personal blind spots that may be getting in your way and help you chart a more rewarding and successful course into the future.

Once you decide you are ready to take your career, life or business to the next level and take advantage of this personal and career development approach, all that’s left is to commit to your on-going personal growth.

Keep in mind that a personal coach is a guaranteed way to achieve your career goals, dreams and potential. But you have to be ready, willing and able to learn and grow. Are you?

People resist coaching for one of five reasons;

1)     Ego – they can do it alone – they don’t need help.

2)     Fear – uncertainty about their willingness to grow and change.

3)     Indecision – should I or shouldn’t I?

4)     Arrogance – I am as good as I need to be.

5)     Outside influences – Letting others tell them what they should or shouldn’t do.

6)     Time – Unwilling to devote the necessary time to the coaching process.

Any one of these are signals that hiring a coach is a wise career decision.

A Few Coaching Questions:

1)     What do you see as your biggest challenge today?

2)     What has contributed to this being a challenge?

3)     What are some of the hurdles that you need to overcome to handle this?

4)     Are these hurdles repetitive for you?

5)     How have you typically handled these in the past?

6)     Did these work? 

7)     If Yes  - why.  If no – why not?

8)     What would prevent you from successfully dealing with these hurdles?

9)     What would the outcomes be when you were successful with these?

10)  What skills or attitudes do you need to develop, change or improve to overcome this (these) challenges?

11)  Are the benefits worth the price you would have to pay?

12)  Do you have a support system for helping you with various challenges?

13)  Do you have any mentors?  Advisors? MasterMind Groups belong to?

14)  Do you have any anchors?

15)  How much time spent in self-development activities?

16)  If you could begin your career all over again knowing what you know now what would you do different?

17)  What do you see as the next challenge on the horizon?

18)  What are your short term career goals?

19)  What are some of your long-term career goals?

20)  What is the significant driving purpose in your life now?

21)  Has it changed over the years?  To what?

22)  What’s on your bucket list?

23)  Do you journal?

24)  Last book you read, CD you listened to?

25)  Next book, CD?

The coaching process -

A coaching arrangement, if it is to be successful, requires commitment, follow-through, persistence, time and a desire to improve or change.  There are no guarantees.  Life offers no guarantees, but after over 35 years coaching a individuals I have learned that if you will bring these attributes to the coaching process you will get back - ten times or more than the investment you made.  Remember you are investing in yourself and your future success and not just a process.

There are five simple steps involved in the coaching process -

Step 1- At the beginning of this process I will ask you to complete a coaching evaluation assessment Manual and an impartial Assessment.  These documents help me tailor my coaching feedback and counsel.  I will provide these once you have returned the signed agreement to me and fee payments have been arranged.

Step 2 - We next have an initial personal interview  (two-three hours) after you have completed and returned the Evaluation and Assessment.  The purpose of this discussion is to review your desires, needs, concerns, plans, goals, obstacles etc.  We will leave this meeting with a clear set of coaching objectives and goals and a game plan to execute them.

Step 3 - The next step is at the end of each month you provide me with a list of questions, concerns, topics you want to discuss and E-mail this to me. Within a week you give me a follow-up call to set up a time for our monthly coaching session. 

Step 4 - The next step is to have our monthly scheduled coaching session.  This can last from one to two hours. At the end of each session we will have a list of actions and or goals you will take during  the next 30 days. Prior to our next call you will email me your progress on these goals and actions as well as any new topics, concerns, questions etc.

Step 5 - Finally, feel free to call me as often as you want between our monthly sessions to discuss specific questions, issues, needs or challenges.

Remember - I will initiate nothing but respond to everything.  This program is not “Tim on Demand” as there will be times when I am unavailable to talk.  But, I will always respond to your telephone call, your e-mail or your fax – generally within 24 hours.

My role is to help you grow personally and professionally.  It is not to judge, criticize, second guess you or tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.  However, I will hold you accountable for whatever promises or commitments you choose to make.  My only objective is to help you self-discover and develop skills and take actions in those areas where you feel you want and need the most growth.


Please click the link for Personal Development Coaching Pre-Program Questionnaire

                      Sales/Management Coaching Fees

(Effective Date January 1, 2007)                          


Long distance clients

                  Individual Sales/Career Coaching program one year:                               $6500.

               Group Sales Coaching – (up to 10 participants one year):                     $1500. ea.     

                    Individual Management (Coaching program one year):                     $9500.

     Group Management Coaching – (up to 5 participants one year):                     $2500. ea.

Local clients

                  Individual Sales Coaching program one year:                                     $2500.

               Group Sales Coaching – (up to 10 participants one year):                    $750. ea.     

                    Individual Management (Coaching program one year):                    $6500.

     Group Management Coaching – (up to 5 participants one year):                    $1500. ea.



All fees are due in advance.  (some exceptions may apply)

                      CONSULTING SERVICES

In addition to Tim's active speaking and training activities, each year he also takes on a number of consulting assignments. Some of these include but are not limited to:

Business Success Development Program
Employee performance evaluations
Employee evaluation
Custom Audio Newsletters
Teleconferencing sales and management coaching
Employee interviewing
Custom Newsletters
Employee testing
Management retreats
Strategic planning meetings
Sales plan evaluation
Media plan evaluation
Direct mail program evaluation
Spouse programs at meetings
Team building programs
Compensation evaluation

Mentoring fees... $495.00

Please contact Tim for his consulting fees.