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Tim's Recommended Reading List

Read to laugh...
Read to learn...
Read to unlearn...
Read to grow...
Read to expand your horizons...
Read to meet new people...
Read to self-discover...
Read Read Read...
The more you read the more interesting you will be...

You will be the same person in five years that you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read - Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones

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Good reading and growing ... Tim
No Excuse Rifenbary
Personality Plus Littauer
Power of Positive Thinking Peale
Psychology of Winning Waitley
Secret of Success Allen
Men are From Mars, Women From Venus Gray
His Needs, Her Needs Harley
The Art of Loving From
Why Can't You Hear What I can't Say Brandon
Givers & Takers Evatt
That's Not What I Meant Tannen
Why am I Afraid to tell you who I am Powell
The Emotions of Normal People Marston
The Language of Love Smalley
Love Busters Harley
Sales Leverage Exton
No Bull Selling Trisler
The Road to Happiness is Full of Potholes T. Connor
The Road to Happiness Fun-Book T. Connor
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Chopra
The Millionaire Next Door Stanley
If Aristotle Ran General Motors Morris
Do Less, Achieve More Chin-ning Chu
The Five Temptations Lencioni
The Ancient Scrolls T. Connor
The Platinum Rule Allesandra
Please Understand Me Kiersey & Bates
The Acorn Principle Cathcart
Style and The Man Flusser
True Colors Birkman
Soft Sell T. Connor
Personal Magnetism Durbin
Selling the Invisible Beckwith
Living The Simple Life St. James
Sales Mastery T. Connor
Think And Grow Rich Hill
Jonathan Livingston Seagul Bach
The Trade-Off T. Connor
Transitions Bridges
Seat of The Soul Zukov
The Voyage T. Connor
The Greatest Miracle in The World Mandino
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Maxwell
5 Important Things Paluch
7 Secrets of Exceptional Leadership Hegerty
Acres of Diamonds Conwell
Becoming a Leader Munroe
Balcony People Heatherley
Bringing out the Best in People McGinnis
Best Kept Secret in America Stanmeyer
The Choice Mandino
Copycat Marketing Hedges
Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dream Yager
Enemy Called Average Mason
Fired Up Helmstetter
Feel the Fear and do it Anyway Jeffers
Five Love Languages Chapman
Focus Or Failure Amos
Four Star Leadership for Leaders Jones
Go Getter Kyne
Grow Rich While You Sleep Sweetland
How I raised Myself from Failure to Success Bettger
How to Have Confidence and Power Giblin
Laws of Prosperity Copeland
Life is Tremendous Jones
Listening for Success Shapiro
Magic of Thinking Big Schwartz
Mans Search for Meaning Frankle
Master Key to Riches Hill
Mission Success Mandino
Over the Top Ziglar
Point Man Farrer
Powerful Principles of Increase Avanzini
Richest Man in Babylon Clason
Self Love Schuller
Getting the Love You Want Hendrix
Control Theory Glasser
Try Giving Yourself Away Dunn
Couples and Money Collins
Bridge Across Forever Bach
Unconditional Love Powell
Fully Human, Fully Alive Powell
The Handbook of Higher Consciousness Keyes
The Transparent Self Jourard
Global Mind Change Harmon
The Customer Signs Your Paycheck Cooper
Anatomy of A Successful Salesman Mortell
How to Sell More in Less Time T Connor
Niche Selling Brooks
Price Wars Winninger
Hagglers Handbook Goodman
American Renaissance Cetron
Strategies 2000 Corbin
Technotrends Burris
Teaching the Elephant to Dance Byham
Agewave Dychtwald
Disciplines of the Market Leaders Treacy
Reengineering the Corporation Hammer

In the following sections you will find some of the books are not on the master recommended reading list above or are just off the press and I believe are worthy of your time. We welcome your book recommendations or review copies of your books to add to this list.

New and Notable:
Books released within the past few months that I believe are well worth investigating. (Additions are made to this section 2-3 times a month)
Above Ground T Connor
81 Management Challenges T Connor
Life is Short T Connor
Ask and it is Given J Hicks
The Presence Process M Brown
Success is a Decision T Connor
You Call THAT Selling T Connor
Why Are We Here? T Connor
The His and Hers Rule Book T Connor
SOLD Connor/Hourigan
Books for the Spirit:
(Additions are made to this section 2-3 times a month)
Seat of the Soul Zukov
Ageless Body, Timeless Mind Chopra
Fully Human Fully Alive Powell
Work as a Spiritual Practice Desmond
Soul Love Roman
The Release of the Spirit Nee
The Soul’s Code Hillman
Soul Mates Moore
Handbook to Higher Consciousness Keyes
Love, Medicine and Miracles Siegel
Course in Miracles Various
Conversations With God, Book One Walsch
Spiritual Growth Roman
Invisible Supply Goldsmith
When God Winks S Rushnell
The Force of Character Hillman
The Healing Heart Norman Cousins
Prayer of Jabez Wilkenson
The Purpose Driven Life Warren
Letters from God to Men Harvest House
OK God, What's Next T Connor
My Upmost For His Highest O Chambers
The Voice of Knowleddge Ruiz
Perspective R. Halverson
Soul Prints Gafni
From Science To God Russell
A Life God Rewards B Williamson
Daily Devotional Readings A Murray
The Last Goodbye T Connor
The Four Agreements Ruiz
Love Mastery Ruiz
Books for your career:
(Additions are made to this section 2-3 times a month)
Do Less, Achieve More Chu
The Platinum Rule Allesandra
The Sale D Hudson
The Millionaire Next Door Stanley/Danko
See you at the Top Ziglar
The Customer Signs Your Paycheck Cooper
Selling The Invisible Beckwith
Selling Leverage Exton, Jr
100 ways to Improve Your Writing Provost
Niche Selling Brooks
Peak Performance Selling Johnson
Inspire Any Audience T Jeary
Soft Sell Tim Connor
52 Tips For Success Tim Connor
Sales Mastery Tim Connor
Word Painting Rebecca McClanahan
The Complete Communicator W. Lampton, Ph.D.
Act On It Deep/Sussman
Playing Along Gesell
How to Sell MORE in LESS Time Tim Connor
Win-Win Selling E-Book Tim Connor
The Millionaire Mind Stanley
Playing With The Big Boys D. Pestrak
Exceptional Customer Service Lisa Ford
High Five K. Blanchard
ProActive Sales Management W. Miller
License To Sell Ilvento
What's in Your Backpack J. Cabrera
The Art of Thank You C. Leas
Your Roadmap for Success J. Maxwell
Your First Year In Sales Tim Connor
The Million Dollar Tool Box T. Boyd
Machiavelli On Modern Leadership Ledeen
Laws of Leadership J. Maxwell
When Generations Collide Lancaster/Stillman
The Sales Handbook Tim Connor
Maslow on Management A. Maslow
The Power of Simplicity J. Trout
The Art of Leadership D. Walters
Books for your relationships:
(Additions are made to this section 2-3 times a month)
The Five Love Languages Chapman
Love 101 McWilliams
Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus Gray
Lifemates Bloomfield/Vettese
How to Survive the Loss of a Love McWilliams
The Language of Love Smalley/Trent
The Secret of Loving McDowell
The Givers and Takers Evat/Feld
Love and Friendship Bloom
His Needs, Her Needs Harley Jr.
Getting The Love You Want Hendrix
Mars and Venus in Touch J Grey
Since Strangling Isn't an Option S Crowe
Relationship Rescue Phillip McGraw Ph.D.
Crossroads, A Love Story E-Book Tim Connor
If it Hurts, It Isn't Love Spezzano
Make Peace With Anyone Lieberman, Ph.D.
The Power of Unconditional Love Keyes
Lifemates Bloomfield/Vettese
Marriage is for Loving M. James
The Play Solution J. Lauer
Destructive Relationships J. Murray
The Male Gift Giving Survival Guide T Connor
Nit-Pickers, Naggers & Tyrants T Connor
The Four Seasons of Marriage Chapman
Talk is Not Cheap Beverly Inman-Ebel
The Romantic Love Question and Answer Book Branden
Do I Have to Give up me to be Loved by You Paul/Paul
How to make Love all the Time DeAngelis
Books for your personal growth:
(Additions are periodically made to this section)
The Pursuit of Success Hill
Integrity Cloud
Waking Up In Time Russell
Die Broke Pollan
Search Kavanaugh
Iron John Bly
Motivation and Personality Maslow
Life Energy Diamond
The Right to Write Cameron
You Can Have it All Patent
The Balanced Life McGinnis
The Seven Laws of the Learner Wilkinson
The Examined Life Nozick
Dr Fulford’s Touch of Life Fulford
The ABC’s of Becoming Great Billings
Wisdom For Earthlings Newman
Recreate Your Life Lefkoe
The Power of Positive Doing Burnell
Learned Optimism Seligman
Transitions Bridges
The Transparent Self Jourard
Wake Up Calls Allenbaugh
Roaring 2000 Investor Harry Dent
Resiliency Albert/Warschaw/Barlow
Be Whole R Conklin
The Trade-Off Tim Connor
The Road to Happiness is Full of Potholes Tim Connor
The Road to Happiness is Full of Potholes-Fun Book Tim Connor
Daily Success Journal Tim Connor
The Millionaire Mind Thomas Stanley Ph.D.
The Biology of Success Robert Arnot M.D.
Emotional Alchemy T Bennett-Goleman
Fearless Living Rhonda Britten
Busting Your Rut Drubin
Stopping D. Kundtz
Heart Storming Fr. Keenan
Difficult Convesations Stone, Patton, Heen
The Power of Now E.Tolle
Get a Life E-Book Tim Connor
Thrival P. Radde
The Personality Compass Turner/Greco
The Secret M. Berg
The Personality Compass Turner/Greco
How to be Your Own Therapist P. Farrell
The Alchemist P. Coelho
Freedom From Fear M. Matteson
Magic Ladder to Success N. Hill
The Art of Achievement T Morris
The Book of Secrets D Chopra
Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice R Firestone
The Last Goodbye Tim Connor
The Wisdom of Insecurity Alan Watts
That's Life Tim Connor
Nothing is Impossible C. Reeve
Thinking for a Change J. Maxwell
To Win Life's Prize, You Must Pay Life's Price T Connor
The Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent Hicks
Peace of Mind is The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Yourself T Connor
The Power of Intention W Dyer
Books for inspiration:
(Additions are made to this section once a month)
Life is Tremendous Jones
Chicken Soup Series Hanson/Canfield
Natural High Wagstaff
When the Worst That Can Happen Already Has Wholey
I’m Too Blessed to be Depressed Slan
Tuesdays with Morrie Albom
The Stuff of Heroes Cohen
Ultimate Journey Monroe
Winning Every Day Holtz
The Right Mountain Hayhurst
A Child Called It Pelzer
If McFarlane/Saywell
The Bridge Across Forever Bach
Three Magic Words US Anderson
The Voyage Tim Connor
The Ancient Scrolls Tim Connor
Inspiration Dyer
First You Have to Row a Little Boat Ricard Bode
The Prayer of Jabez B. Wilkenson
The Art of Possibility Zander
Books for your business:
(Additions are made to this section once a month)
Focus or Failure Amos, Jr.
Pour Your Heart into it Schultz
Leadership A-Z O'Toole
American Renaissance Cetron
Technotrends Burris
Price Wars Winninger
Future in Sight Minkin
The Corporate Mystic Hendricks/Ludeman
Lead People Manage Things Bellune
Roaring 2000's Harry Dent
The Saturn Difference V Lenz
The Loyalty Effect F Reichheld
Virtual Leadership Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D.
The Loyalty Effect Frederick Reichheld
Mail and Grow Rich Ted Ciuba
The Experience Economy Pine & Gilmore
Managing Crises Mitroff
Good to Great J. Collins
Leadership R. Giuliani
The Book of Five Rings Musashi
The Creative Manager Russell
Strategies 2000 Corbin
Searching For The Spirit of Enterprise Farrell
The Art of Deception K. Mitnick
The Knowing-Doing Gap J. Pfeffer/R. Sutton
Return on Investment J. Phillips
The Classics:
The all-time best sellers that you won’t want to miss. (Additions are made to this list when appropriate)
The Greatest Salesman in the World Mandino
How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success Betger
The Road Less Traveled Peck
Think and Grow Rich Hill
The Power of Positive Thinking Peale
As a Man Thinketh Allen
The Richest Man in Babylon Clauson
How to Win Friends and Influence People Carnegie
The Prophet Gibran
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Bach
Man's Search For Meaning V. Frankel