Tim Connor
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Corporate Disconnect


-Identifying CD’s 25 most common symptoms

-Overcoming CD’s 15 most frequent causes

-Corporate direction, purpose, mission, vision, focus and its impact on CD

-Improving top-down communication clarity and consistency

-Ensuring integrity and timeliness in bottom-up feedback

-25 cures that will reduce CD’s negative impact on your growth, sales and profits

-Putting accountability practices in place to ensure that you’re CD doesn’t resurface

And a lot more . . .


Soft Sell

-Attitudes necessary for sustained sales success.

- Effective prospecting skills

- How to get to the economic buyers

- How to disarm and overcome sales objections

- How to re-activate lost or inactive customers

- An effective closing strategy

- Keeping the sale alive during a long sales cycle

- How to sell against price competition

- How to increase repeat and referral business

- And much more

Sales Topics

  • Common Sales myths
  • Attitudes and sales success
  • Managing change
  • Selling is a process
  • Personality styles
  • Prospecting premises
  • Pro-active Networking
  • Cold calling
  • Presentation skills
  • Question based selling
  • The Price Value Relationship
  • Effective Negotiating Skills
  • Time Management
  • Territory Management
  • Closing attitudes & strategies

Management Topics

  • The roles of today’s manager.
  • Corporate Disconnect
  • Effective leadership
  • Effective planning and time management.
  • How to drive responsibility down the chain.
  • Empowering your employees.
  • Create a positive motivational climate.
  • Effective hiring and where to find good candidates.
  • Learn to interview professionally.
  • Communicating with clarity and effectiveness.
  • Drive decision making down the chain.
  • How to better train your employees.
  • Better coaching methods.
  • Conduct pro-active employee reviews.
  • Managing change.
  • Set clear goals and communicate them.
  • Personality styles and better management.
  • Motivation methods.
  • Strategic thinking and planning.
  • Effective recognition programs.
  • Compensation methods and programs.

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