Tim Connor
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“Helping organizations and individuals worldwide increase their sales and improve their management effectiveness, profitability and individual personal success by empowering them to achieve their full potential.”

  • Custom in-house curriculum based sales and management training programs that ensure long term results.
  • Public seminars on sales, personal and professional development and management held in the Charlotte area each year.
  • Personal and individual Mentoring Programs for people who want to improve their performance, success and lifestyle.
  • Individual and Group Coaching programs for salespeople, managers, supervisors, business owners and executives.
  • Keynote presentations on sales, change, motivation, management and leadership.
  • Custom seminars and workshops on a variety of sales, leadership, management, customer service, change and motivation topics.
  • Strategic planning retreat facilitation to ensure integrity, positive results and long term successful impact.
  • Behavioral work and life assessments to help salespeople, managers, executives improve communication and employee performance.
  • Hundreds of personal and career and business development learning materials.