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Each report listed contains numerous ideas, techniques and information relevant to the topic.

All reports are $8.00 each, four for $25.00, eight for $49.00. Multiple copies of any report are: 2-25 copies: $6.00 each, 26-100 copies: $5.00 each and 101 or more copies: $4.00 each.

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Relationships and effective Communication

w101 - The keys to effective and positive relationships
w102 - Practical communication techniques for better relationships
w103 - Listening and non-verbal communication skills
w104 - Causes of poor relationships
w105 - How to use conflict as a positive relationship tool

Management, Leadership, Supervision-

w201 - Effective interviewing and hiring methods
w202 - Coaching, training and feedback techniques
w203 - Effective supervision skills
w204 - the roles of today’s manager
w205 - Leadership principles and practices

Sales and Customer Service-

w301 - Effective prospecting techniques
w302 - Developing positive sales relationships
w303 - Time and territory management
w304 – Positive sales attitudes and success
w305 - Question based selling techniques

Motivation, Success, Productivity-

w401 - Success practices that get results
w402 - Effective motivation principles
w403 - Maintaining life balance and reducing stress
w404 - Goal setting and success
w405 - Keys to peak productivity and results